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Date of Birth:
12 July 1984 - 16:10h
39 years  (14327 days)
I am Victor Valiant
Music artist, DJ/Producer from The Netherlands.
I do digital graphic art, write poetry, short stories & educational material.
Develop music studio software, run a music label & publishing company,
And own the brand, Victor Valiant®

I love astrology knowledge and researching
& been on astroseek for over 4 years.

I read birth charts, synastry charts & transits charts.
Knowing the abilities/talents/traits we're born with (birth charts)
Compatibility in connecting with others, (synastry charts)
and the evolution we face daily with challenges/phases in life. (transits)

With years of study from lots of different sources
I've always stuck with knowledge that proves true to life
& that we can verify with our own personal experiences.

I enjoy hearing on life stories & life events,
matching it with astrology aspects and check how accurate & valid they are.
I like meeting people and gaining new insights
This all helps with fine tuning my understanding of astrology.
I'm always adjusting my astrology data with new findings & realizations.

I help others on their starting journeys into astrology
To read one's own chart, synastry & transits
using the many tools here on Astroseek.
Sharing knowledge on signs, planets/asteroids & houses/sectors
I sometimes post in the community forum.

For more detailed professional readings and guidance with an personal situation,
I charge an appreciation fee for my time & efforts with interpreting aspects towards your specific situation.

I encourage self empowerment, and self acceptance,
When one is fully aware of one's personality in connection with their birth chart indications on traits & nature,
one can adjust and find an better balance in expressing themselves,
and leading their life in the direction of choice.

No birth chart is ever bad & I dislike such doom & gloom negative mindsets.
I promote positive thinking, open mindedness & good cheerful vibes.

*Important notes on messaging me*
[It goes without saying, but many lack common sense, so I have to]

Show some decency and manners in your message.
I appreciate thoughtful and respectful messages
that show genuine interest in astrology.

I value meaningful messages and thought-out texts.
Avoid sending short, single-line messages
If you take the time to write/type a meaningful message,
I will take the time to read and respond to it.

I don't offer fortune-telling or predictions about the future.
Astrology is a tool for self-awareness and personal growth,
not a means of predicting the future.

While I enjoy meeting new people and having meaningful conversations,
I'm not in need of more friends.
If you have a specific question or topic you would like to discuss,
please get straight to the point.

If you have an interest in dating me or discussing romantic/sexual topics,
please be clear and honest about your intentions.
Pretending otherwise is deceitful and won't be tolerated.

Adding me on social media to message is okay,
Don't spam message. I value respectful and meaningful messages.

I am enthusiastic about topics that can enhance our experiences in life,
and I am always happy to help others on their astrology journey.

Cheers :37: :78:

"Smile some ;) Laugh some ;D & Be awesome! \0/"™
Victor Valiant

Victor_Valiant_ - Personal Astro Portrait

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Sun in Cancer (Water)

Sun Sign - Zodiac Sign
Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which gives people born under this sign great emotional sensitivity. They are thus often reserved and shy.

Moon in Capricorn

Moon (Luna)
You see safety in being useful to the society and you look for justification in the outside world. You may underestimate what you want from yourself and for yourself. Shyness may be accompanied by resentment of the fact that others ignore you.

Ascendant in Scorpio

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Rat (Wood)

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Fir Tree

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The Fir people are very hardworking and talented, endowed with cool beauty and dignity. They can do any job or solve any problem with their special originality, and most of their efforts will lead to a successful end.

Life Path - 5

Numerology - Life Path
These people need movement and change, and they like to travel. They search for freedom and adventure. They are open to new things and ideas. They have an inclination for leadership. They are ambitious but they are also very sensitive and avoid routine and boredom.

Birthday 12th - Versatility

Numerology - Birthday Number
These people are creative and insightful. They are versatile and professionally capable. They are smart, popular and attractive. They excel in a number of areas. They are family-oriented.
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