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Date of Birth:
29 January 1989 - 02:09h
33 years  (12248 days)
Im looking for Men. Girls your welcome to be my friend but nothing more.

Well.... I like detail therefore I love info. Google is my soul mate and books my true love.... ;) I don't know how to summarise my story in this short space. I'm addicted to laughing like we all should be but unfortunately this world has gone mostly slapstick comedy so now.... Finding sharp Intellectual humour is like finding a fairies in a world of black and white pessimistic realism where dreams and colour of rainbows are written on tomb stones. I'm Young and serious at times but like to believe I have great sense of humour and an Extraordinary Imagination with no boxes to define myself by. I don't think on how to think outside the box.... I ask what box. Basically to sum it up: I'm looking for someone who is Intelligent who can teach me something everyday and Make me laugh hysterically and uncontrollably until I cry with laughter....someone who I can be myself with... I think I'm real: I'm Intelligent and Good looking with a good sense of humour. Be Positive and Optimistic. hate bitching and moaning about negative things that we can't change. Petrol,Economy,Traffic.....etc etc I have an unconditional abundance of love to give... Just waiting for the ONE. I Appreciate all things beautiful and craftsmanship that goes into it. Whether its a beautiful Butterfly or an old vintage car. I am very much a go getter in life, very goal driven, career driven, I am spiritual. I like knowing more about anything and everything.  I like to experience new things in life, as long as it isn't damaging to my body, I have a philosophy, If I'm to comfortable I'm not growing if I'm not growing I'm degenerating which means I could be just as well as dead because then I'm just wasting my time living and just being an oxygen thief. I cannot change those around me so it leaves only me to consistently keep changing ever evolving and becoming the best me I can be. Stepping up and taking responsibility for my life.

Sorry don't really read Fiction/Novels, my life is interesting enough don't need to read other peoples drama's (The Shack and a few school Afrikaans Non-Fiction novels). Mostly Read: Self Improvement, Metaphysics,Knowledge/Interesting General Fact books, Business, Psychology,Leadership. My Favourite books: Slave Species of God(Genetics), The Magic of Thinking Big, Personality Plus, 5 Love Languages, Use your Head by Tony Buzon, The Slave species of God, 7 Habbits of Highly effective people, Think and Grow Rich, Consciousness is the new currency, Skills with People, The break through experience, All you need to know about Astrology... to name but a few.

Gerhard - Personal Astro Portrait

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Sun in Aquarius (Air)

Sun Sign - Zodiac Sign
People born under the sign of Aquarius are influenced by two different planets. Saturn gives them peace of mind, concentration and persistence, while Uranium is responsible for their restlessness, originality and short temper.

Moon in Libra

Moon (Luna)
Person with Moon in Libra is looking for safety in a relationship, has the need to make somebody happy and wants to have a rich social life. However, later they must find themselves and things that satisfy them must prevail. They also have a strong need for balance and harmony.

Ascendant in Sagittarius

Ascendant (Rising Sign)
One part of your nature heads up for the noble goals while the other part is controlled by earthy and animal instincts. The life of these people may be accompanied by a constant search for something that is very difficult to achieve. Even before reaching the goal they see another one that is just as difficult to achieve. People with Sagittarius Ascendant are full of passion and they need to use this energy and enthusiasm.

Dragon (Earth)

Chinese horoscope
Dragon bursts with strength, energy and health. People born in the Year of the Dragon are very open, and never petty. They hate hypocrisy and gossip and generally do not have the best diplomatic dexterity. They are trusting and allow themselves to be manipulated.

Cypress Tree

Celtic tree horoscope
People born under the rule of Cypress are tolerant, resourceful and faithful. However, they are also quite lazy and inclined to oppress the weak in their surroundings. They have the ability to endure the adversity of fate, which does not break them; on contrary, they learn from the experience.

Life Path - 3

Numerology - Life Path
These people are mentally alert and have creative minds. They are creative and original, and they have a good imagination. They hate boredom and like to cooperate with others. They are charming and witty. They are critical of others and they should therefore learn how to be more diplomatic. They need to work freely and without restraints.

Birthday 29th - Chaos

Numerology - Birthday Number
These people are sensitive and perceptive. They have a great potential for extra-sensory perception. They have the ability to find truth and wisdom. They have excellent thinking processes. Spiritual activity is very important.
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