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Date of Birth:
21 June 1985 - 13:57h
37 years  (13738 days)


I am an array of possibilities..all of which and none of which seem to define me. Ive traveled through madness to find myself. I was never insane, except on occasions when my heart was touched. It has taken a lifetime to be where I am at today. Ive tripped over my own doubts and limitations. My growth has been anything but linear. I continuously traverse the spiral of the universe like a drunken kamikaze pilot, but im still here...giving blood, keeping faith, losing blood, lacking faith...Constantly swinging from life's dichotomies, as a willing and capaple pendelum, shrieking & childlike as I sway from its frayed and fragile ends.
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Gnosticnomad - Personal Astro Portrait

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Sun in Cancer (Water)

Sun Sign - Zodiac Sign
Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which gives people born under this sign great emotional sensitivity. They are thus often reserved and shy.

Moon in Leo

Moon (Luna)
You feel safe in moments when you can impress others and get praise and admiration. Yet, when you get into the spotlight, you may find yourself at a loss. You probably have a desire for money and social status, and have a strong ability to get it.

Ascendant in Libra

Ascendant (Rising Sign)
Libra prefers tasks that are well thought out, prepared and based on objectives and correct assessment of the situation. Trying to take into consideration opinions of others can slow the person down and manifest as hesitation, indecision or opportunism. These people usually prefer if somebody makes decisions for them.

Ox (Wood)

Chinese horoscope
People born in the Year of the Ox are silent, patient and calm. But their boorish behavior hides original thoughts and intelligence. They seem trustworthy and that is the main reason why they prosper. They are cautious and love work and solitude.

Birch Tree

Celtic tree horoscope
People born under the rule of Birch are unusually pleasant and good in nature - it s a pity that birch people are quite rare. Birch people are spiritually and emotionally inclined and they are not fixed on material goods. They are very modest; they never ask others for anything, they never make anyone worry about them. You can be absolutely sure that a person born under the rule of Birch will not abuse your trust or kindness.

Life Path - 5

Numerology - Life Path
These people need movement and change, and they like to travel. They search for freedom and adventure. They are open to new things and ideas. They have an inclination for leadership. They are ambitious but they are also very sensitive and avoid routine and boredom.

Birthday 21st - Sympathy

Numerology - Birthday Number
These people have a great potential. They are sensitive, kind and tolerant. They try to understand others. They are creative and able to do a wide range of activities. They are social and diplomatic.
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The same Date of Birth
*June 21, 1985, 37 years
22:21h(Asc. Capricorn)
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18:00h(Asc. Sagittarius)
I am the exorcist
17:30h(Asc. Scorpio)
13:30h(Asc. Libra)
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Spojené státy Juliette Lewis
(*1973) actress, director
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(*1921) actress
Velká Británie Tony Scott
(*1944) director, actor
Spojené státy Lana Wachowski
(*1965) actor/actress, director, transgender male->female
Spojené státy Eric Douglas
(*1958) actor, child of celebrity
*Jun 21, 1982
Male, 40 years
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