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Date of Birth:
2 December 1972 - 10:04h
50 years  (18448 days)


I'm the co-founder and owner of Astrostyle (The AstroTwins), an astrologer and "entreprenerd," helping people live with passion and purpose—aligned with the stars.
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Writing as The AstroTwins, my identical twin sister Tali and I reach over 18 million people worldwide each month as the astrologers for ELLE, Mindbodygreen, Monster.com and our website Astrostyle.com. We have published Our work has been featured by E!, The New York Times and Good Morning America, and we've given private readings for many celebrities, including, Beyonce, Karlie Kloss, Emma Roberts and Stevie Wonder. We've collaborated with major brands including Coach, Nordstrom, Revlon, Essie and many others.

As prolific Sagittarians with Scorpio moon and Capricorn rising, we have authored many books, including Love Zodiac, Shoestrology and Momstrology (our #1 Amazon best-selling astrological parenting guide) and our own brand imprint horoscope books and ebooks, including our popular annual horoscope guides.

My passion is creating a world where all people experience themselves in the "driver's seat" of their lives. I've created media that delivers this message in a well-designed, stylish and entertaining format.

Ophi - Personal Astro Portrait

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Sun in Sagittarius (Fire)

Sun Sign - Zodiac Sign
People born under the sign of Sagittarius bear the seal of the ruler of their sign, Jupiter, which symbolizes justice and happiness. They are therefore optimistic, active, social and very honest, sometimes to the extent that their directness hurts others, without them being aware of it.

Moon in Scorpio

Moon (Luna)
Moon in Scorpio creates the need to delve into your feelings as deep as possible and this brings great vulnerability. You never forget anything that was done to you. It's hard to force you to do anything.

Ascendant in Capricorn

Ascendant (Rising Sign)
People with Capricorn Ascendant must first become aware of their two opposing sides. One is obedience and performing their duties properly. They need to manage energy well and this requires discipline and self-control. They must achieve some social prestige and recognition. The other side is the ability to organize practical matters and achieve their goals, and also the ability to enjoy sensual pleasures.

Rat (Water)

Chinese horoscope
Rat has charm, extraordinary aggression and belligerence. At first glance, appears to be calm, serene and cheerful, but appearances are deceiving. Behind all this lies a constant internal movement and deliberately cultivated aggressiveness.

Hornbeam Tree

Celtic tree horoscope
People born under the rule of Hornbeam do great in professions such as bank clerks or civil servants, or in military and police functions. They have a great sense of order, responsibility and justice. It is easy for them to conform to a set system or order and they like to ensure strict adherence to laws and generally accepted rules.

Life Path - 6

Numerology - Life Path
These people will have to make choices very often and it is necessary to make the right decisions in the face of emerging opportunities. Romantic relationship, family and home are the foundations for success. They like helping others.

Birthday 2nd - Sociability

Numerology - Birthday Number
These people are very considerate and they are a good listener. They are loyal and emotional. They like to do things for other people and they are able to understand how others feel. They are gregarious and keep close to their family. They are diplomatic.
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